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Celebrating the Mothers in our Lives!

05.02.16 | Stories | by Deann Ayer

    This month we are honoring those who have mothered us, our biological mothers as well as mother figures who have nurtured and cared for us. At ECS we recognize and value families and celebrate the mutual love they offer. This Mother’s Day we bring you stories of three mothers whose families have been strengthened by the programs and support ECS provides.

    This Mother’s Day we invite you to honor or remember the special mother in your life with a gift to ECS so that we may continue supporting families in our community. If you would like your gift to be recognized in honor or in memory of your loved one this Mother’s Day, please indicate that you are making a dedication on our on-line donation page. We will acknowledge you and your honoree on this Mother’s Day Tribute page and, if desired, will send your loved one a card recognizing your special gift.

    For assistance with this gift, please contact Sarah at 619.228.2828 or . Your gift will be used to provide services to our neighbors who need our help as they work to strengthen and rebuild their lives from the challenges of homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health disorders, and poverty. We so appreciate your partnership in our work. The lives of women, men, and children are impacted on a daily basis thanks to you! 


    4-year-old Isaac joined ECS Head Start as a shy, unsure child. He thrived in Head Start, learning to count, sing, and solve problems. “He enjoyed going to school every day,” Isaac’s mother, Laura, remembers. As a young mother working and going to college, she valued regular communication with Isaac’s teacher and loved watching her son transform into a confident, talkative child. She credits Head Start for giving him a foundation for social and emotional growth and fully preparing him for kindergarten and future academic success. Today, Laura beams with pride when talking about Isaac, now 17, a high school junior who excels in honors classes, is on the baseball and wrestling teams, and plans to study engineering in college. Laura joined ECS’ staff a few years ago, an opportunity which “feels like I’m giving back to the community that gave to me. I couldn’t be happier.” ECS Head Start serves over 2,000 children and families each year.

    Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.
    ~William Makepeace Thackeray

      SALLY, LISA, & BEN

    Sally’s 3-year old grandson recently had a special request for his beloved Meemah – “teach me how to dial your number so we can talk on the phone whenever I want.” His mother, Lisa, is also in touch regularly. This brings great joy to Sally, for her relationship with her daughter used to be quite challenging. Also, they all recently weathered the loss of her job which precipitated the loss of the home they shared. When Sally became homeless, she suffered a mental health crisis. She spent time living with family members and in her car before she became a member of ECS Friend to Friend and then a resident of Downtown Safe Haven, where a caring community has helped her rebuild her life. Today Sally is Ben’s favorite babysitter, and Lisa and Sally are closer than ever. ECS’ programs serving homeless adults battling mental health disorders serve 900 people each year.

    Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.  ~Marion C. Garretty


    Jaime’s blanket fort was a refuge and a hiding place. He was hurt and angry over the long disappearance of his mother, Melinda. A toddler, he was too young to understand that it was not lack of love, but a serious illness keeping Melinda away. And when she eventually returned, his behavior reflected his feelings of abandonment. Hurt, ashamed, and recovering herself, Melinda did not know how to re-establish their relationship. Fortunately, their therapist at ECS Para Las Familias did. She began using play therapy and the Circle of Security to teach Jaime and Melinda “the dance of love”. Now when Jaime is in his blanket fort, he
    invites his mother to come with him and they cuddle in safety and comfort. ECS helps over 200 families like Jaime’s each year.

    Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.  ~Oprah Winfrey

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