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ECS Friend to Friend (F2F) is a non-residential outreach and engagement program for homeless adults over the age of 18 diagnosed with a serious mental health condition - including those with co-occurring substance use disorders - who are interested in improving their social and vocational skill sets and rebuilding their lives. The program serves homeless adults on three levels: outreach, engagement and intensive case management.

Outreach workers actively seek out areas where homeless individuals are known to congregate and live, including street encampments, parks, vacant lots and buildings and community agencies and churches. F2F staff also reach out to potential members at other community agencies, including overnight shelters, the Veteran’s Administration, and jails. Staff meet clients on the streets or in emergency shelters and connect them to social services including housing assistance, food, mental health care, vocational rehabilitation, and substance abuse treatment.

The Friend to Friend clubhouse offers a safe atmosphere where clients can access a computer lab, attend group classes and trainings, share meals and meet with outreach workers as well as an employment specialist and a Social Security/Disability Insurance (SSDI) advocate.

Monthly Life Celebration lunches and other special events allow for fun and community. Friend to Friend provides homeless adults a safe space, and the caring, supportive staff provide practical help for setting and reaching their goals.

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Friend to Friend Members in their own words:

"I would like to thank Friend to Friend for helping me find a job.I am so happy to be working again. I am taking a step toward becoming independent again."

"Friend to Friend, you are my dear friend. You answer me when harsh times come my way. You forgive me for bringing them on myself. You support my struggles. Thank you!"

Friend to Friend
101 16th Street
San Diego, CA 92101

M-F 8am4pm (excluding holidays)
Phone: 619-955-8217
Fax: 619-955-5142

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Helpful Links
Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
County of San Diego Mental Health Services 
Social Security Administration (SSA)
General Relief (GR)
211 San Diego

Notice of Client Privacy Practices
This notice describes how information about clients may be used and disclosed and how clients can get access to this information. Clients are encouraged to review this notice carefully.
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