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Head Start - Program Services


Early Childhood Education

• Head Start provides a high quality developmentally appropriate education program.

• Head Start curriculum is specifically designed to help children develop language, literacy and numeracy skills and learn how to socialize and interact with others.

• Children leave Head Start prepared for kindergarten, excited about learning, confident in their abilities, and ready to succeed.

Prevention and Early Intervention Services

• Enrolled children have timely immunizations and screenings for medical, dental, nutrition and mental health.

• Children see medical professionals regularly and participate with parents and staff in experiences that promote positive mental health, improved self-esteem, stress management, and personal growth.

• All Head Start children are provided nutritious meals and snacks daily.

• Head Start ensures that all children receive physical exams as required by the American Academy of Pediatrics and children identified as needing further follow-up services receive those services.

Disabilities Services

• Ten percent of enrollments are offered to children with disabilities.

• Services for children with disabilities and their families are provided in coordination with local early intervention and education agencies, community organizations, supports services and school districts.

Family Engagement

• Our mission is accomplished by involving parents in the total operation and administration of the program supporting the growth of children and families through encouragement, nurturing, and empowerment.

• Parents are empowered to be their child’s first teacher, achieve skills in decision-making, group process, and leadership.

Family Literacy

• Family literacy is stressed in the classroom as children are exposed to books and printed materials, read to, and encouraged in their language development.

• Books are made available in the family’s primary language.

• Head Start parents are also encouraged to improve their own literacy skills and are provided support to further their education efforts in obtaining a GED or pursuing higher educational opportunities.

Social Services

• Through a broad range of social services, Head Start assists parents in their own efforts to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children.

• Head Start provides parent education and support in the areas of health, budget management, child development and parenting.