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ECS ACCORD Driving Under the Influence


ECS ACCORD Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program
strives to reduce driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and the negative impact of this behavior in the lives of program participants, their families, and the community.

ACCORD is a California-licensed program for any individuals arrested for or convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Referrals to ACCORD come from San Diego County Courts, San Diego County Probation Office, or the California Department of Motor Vehicles. ACCORD clients attend classes focused on education about the effects of substance abuse and participate in individual counseling sessions. They are able to discuss any alcohol or drug related problems or concerns with their counselor in a safe, confidential environment. Weekly participation is required. Community self-help meeting attendance (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) is also a requirement. 

ECS ACCORD strives to provide quality treatment and counseling services and to facilitate positive, healthy, and safe lifestyle choices. ACCORD focuses on the whole person, addressing the bio-psycho-social needs of clients. A primary objective for counselors is to ensure that clients are connected to relevant community services, including more intensive substance abuse treatment if needed.

One of ECS ACCORD’s marks of success is that the comments on the exit surveys for this mandated program, which results in clients typically being resentful about participation, are overwhelmingly positive. Approximately 95% of clients state that their experience at ACCORD has been helpful and has positively impacted their lives. Examples of comments from clients are as follows:

“This program helped save my life and my family. I was heading down a terrible path. Thank you.”

“The program has helped me to realize I don’t need to drink at all.”

“It was very hard in the beginning, but due to the counselor/instructor and other group members, it was very good by the end.”

“Thank you for letting me see what I couldn’t see.”

“I finally applied what I heard at my meetings and what I learned here to my everyday life. It is amazing how much an open mind and an open heart can help one absorb information. Thank you for helping me; everyone that I came in contact with was nothing short of amazing.”

Enrolled participants are required to pay all program costs.

ECS ACCORD serves over 4,500 clients each year.

ACCORD DUI Program is located at
7474 El Cajon Boulevard
La Mesa, CA 91941